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7 Steps For Groomsmen Success

  1. Print this page or this .pdf file and take it to a Formalwear shop for a professional measurement. Most shops will provide you with a complimentary measurement as an industry courtesy.
  2. Proper hygiene is required for any fittings. Please have socks, undergarments and a shirt with sleeves (Please no tank tops or heavy clothing).
  3. To insure your order is properly placed, please be sure to completely fill out the form, and submit it to us preferably 60 days prior to the event.
  4. Upon submitting your measurements please call with payment information. so we may complete your order We need your name, date of wedding and groom’s names, card number, expiration date, name on the card and billing address. Although less secure, if you wish to submit payment info by fax (518) 783-0261 or email guestservices@tuxego.com
  5. To provide a faster and more efficient second fitting, the total balance will be billed to your credit card.
  6. Please retain these measurements should we have any questions or if you need them for any future weddings. If you want to be certain that your submission came through without internet interference then please email us to Guestservices@tuxego.com and we'll respond with an email.. If your weight changes it is imperative to get measured again and then notify us as soon as possible.
  7. Regarding the attire, pricing and second fitting process. Please call the Bride and Groom to confer with them. They have all the information available to answer any and all of your questions.